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About Bristol Crossroads

Wick Village Hall


Wick Village Hall. With its quiet location and on-site private car park, you can feel safe and relaxed

The History of Crossroads

Crossroads was established around 1989, originally in a private house in Bristol. Right from the outset, the group met every fourth Saturday of the month with the aim to provide a social, safe environment for the transgender community. Something will still strongly believe in.

With its increasing popularity, it quickly became apparent better and larger premises were needed so the group hired a hall in the library in Trinity Road, Bristol. But in 2007, the library closed for major renovations, so replacement accommodation was needed. Under the direction of Lauren and Lesley (our current organisers), Wick Village Hall was hired for 3 months as a trial.

Due to word-of-mouth, emails etc. people found the hall. In fact, possibly due to the convenient car park, numbers quickly increased so the trial became a permanent booking - and we have been there ever since.

Who We Are

There isn't a single defined way for a transgender person to present themselves and this is at the core of Crossroads.
Our aim is to be a welcoming and inclusive organization where members of the transgender community can feel safe, relaxed and can be themselves with complete acceptance and understanding.

We are a non-profit group, ran by transgendered or trans-supportive members with an aim to provide a safe and friendly social space for transgender people of all kinds (male to female, female to male, gender fluid, non-binary etc.) to get together, swap knowledge and experience and have a social, relaxed time.